MGS S01E14 – Planting Seedlings

With the wonderful weather, I try to spend as much time as I can in the garden and if that is coupled with doing something like planting seedlings, then so much the better! In this episode, I share with you what the garden will transform into in a few weeks time, I hope!

MGS S01E13 – Eating our first Satsuma ;)

Yes! As you might expect I was pretty stoked about having the satsuma (to give it its right name, rather than a simple orange ;)) and I was even more excited about eating our first satsuma! And of course I had to video the experience too. So here you go.. prepare to get your mouth watering!

The first orange!

I can’t remember exactly how long ago I planted an orange tree in my garden, and probably for just as long I thought it was a cumquat, owing to the memory of a tree in the same location that (obviously) has been pulled out. No I can’t remember why. However, I wake up this morning to this beauty; the one and only orange on that tree

orange from Mahmood's garden

This is going to be a really happy Friday :)

Some of the bulbs are showing already!

I planted a bunch of bulbs on Oct 24 and I’m thrilled that some have already pushed through!

Bulbs pushing through

Thanks to Google+ for applying some special effects to the original picture. Quite neat ;)

MGS S01E12 – The Nursery, take 2

The first attempt this year at a nursery failed and in this video I tell you why. I also take the opportunity to build on that gained experience and start the 2nd version of the nursery.

Here’s hoping for the best!

Do you have any experiences to share? I’d love to hear from you especially if you’re gardening in Bahrain or the surrounding area. Let’s exchange knowledge (and seeds!)

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

MGS S01E11 – A Garden and Gardening Update

This episode is dedicated to my friend Fadi Fallaha who continues to encourage me to continue on with producing these episodes. Thanks Fadi!

So here you go, a quick update on the status of the garden after an absence of a couple of weeks due to work commitments. This update contains a gardening status check of the seedlings, letting more light into the garden by pruning big trees and preparing for spring and beyond with planting hundreds of bulbs.

I hope you enjoy this update. If you do, please subscribe to the channel and share your own experiences by entering a comment here. Many thanks for your time.

376 bulbs and some hollyhocks planted

To put what I’ve done this morning in the garden in a sentence, it would have to to: “Back breaking, but exhilarating work!”

The bulbs planted in Mahmood's Garden on 24 Oct '14
Say hello to some of my bulbs!

My wife brought just about a whole suitcase-full of bulbs with her from her recent visit to Scotland. This morning I’ve planted 376 of those bulbs around various borders in the garden and I can’t wait for them to flower. The varieties promise that it will be a tiered flowering, some in winter, others in spring and some will probably flower next summer. So there will be some things to look forward to in the garden over the next few months. I do hope that at least some will come through though!

I also took the opportunity to plant some hollyhock seeds directly into the ground. Thanks a lot to Nancy Johnson who sent me some of her “black hollyhock” seeds all the way from Monterey in California. Our climate is approximately similar so they should take quite readily.

Well, I’m not done yet, obviously. I’ve got a bunch of hyacinth bulbs to plant and I’ve got to plan for the various annuals I’m bringing in. But before that, I’m going to fertilise the garden… but that’s a job for next weekend.

How are your gardens doing so far guys? I’d love to know. Please enter a comment to let me know.

Happy gardening!


The bulbs are here!


My my wife just got back from the UK and she brought me this horde of bulbs.


MGS S01E10 – Inviting Birds into your Garden

There is nothing that brings a garden to life than birds and their chirping and singing and flitting around. We’re blessed to have several varieties who have made our garden their home.

To invite them into your garden doesn’t really take too much effort; at the very least, just provide them with water to drink and bathe in. What we do is provide them with food too. We freeze dates and put some out for them every morning in the winter. During the summer, we just provide some fruit. There are a couple of nesting boxes that the Silverbills use from time to time, but there are plenty of trees and thick bushes that they do use to nest in as well.

Unfortunately though, we have two active cats. George III is the major criminal and he does catch a bird (and generally eats it) occasionally :(

Anyway, to celebrate Eid – Eid Mubarak again – here’s this week’s episode about Inviting Birds into your Garden.

What kind of birds do you have visiting yours?

Eid Mubarak.

MGS S01E09 – Potting the Seedlings

The seeds I’ve sown in Episode 2 have mostly come through with some achieving quite good success. It’s time now to pot them up in small pots and make them ready to go into the ground.

Apart from the potting of the seedlings, I construct proper shading boxes to replace the temporary structure on the nursery.